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Blog Post # 6


The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler

This is a very informative video.The video showed several different ways that technology can be used in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. The video also stated that through networking a student learn connectivism.I agree that a student does learn through social networking such as Google,and Facebook, and etc. through the use of the internet. Also with technology the world is becoming totally technologically dependent .In addition, with the resource a network student can communicate around the world with other students, this is great for advancement learning in the classroom.

Also, as a teacher this will be a great resource to use in the classroom. When I was in school we did not have the knowledge of technology because it was not available in schools like it is today. Today the students are taught technology in the classroom to where they know more than their parents does. When the resources becomes available it will be a learning experience for the teachers as well as the students.

Furthermore, being in a classroom with no textbooks and the teacher sometimes lecturing sounds great, but a teacher is needed in the classroom because a student may get stuck and he/she will need assistance. Also students need to be able to ask the teacher questions if it is something that he/she does not understand about technology. Student networking is a great idea in which a student can learn and share his/her ideas.
Preparing students with the knowledge of technology is beneficial to the student in his/her life in the 21st century such as better career choices..

 Use of a PLE or PLN

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment(or PLN)
Welcome to MY PLE!

This video was amazing to watch on how much knowledge students have about the internet in the classroom. The student was very professional in presenting her use of her PLE.There is so much one can store on a PLE, such as gathering personal information and putting it all on one page. The PLE is also great for gathering information for school such as gathering information for a History class and storing it on the PLE. The student PLE is well organized compared to my PLN!

Furthermore, if given the right resources its amazing how far a student can expand his/her intellectual mind in educational learning from the internet. In addition, as a teacher the PLE will be useful in the classroom for gathering information for different projects. It was amazing how much the student knew about the internet compared to some adults whom are just becoming technology literate in his/her adult life.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Post #5

 School Technology

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? by Scott McLeod

Dr. McLeod is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. Dr. McLeod is also the Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education(CASTLE) which is the Americans only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators. Dr. McLeod is also co-creator of the famous video Did You Know? (Shift Happens).

This is a great video. I loved the sarcasm of the video; however I must agree and disagree with the video. The internet is a great teaching tool for the children to learn. There are dangers on the internet but dangers are everywhere such as riding a bike or riding in a car. Teachers as well as parents must monitor the children on the internet. We as teachers/parents must teach the children the proper way to use the internet. Parental Control is a great way of monitoring children on the internet.

Technology is taking over the world, we cannot stop them from learning especially when technology will benefit the children in the future. Teachers must make sure that technology is implemented as part of the learning process for the children in the classroom. Learning technology can be fun if its implemented correctly.

 iSchool Initiative

The iSchool Initiative by Travis Allen

This a great video by a brilliant young man name Travis Allen whom was a senior at the time of the video. Travis started by asking the question "Does Technology belongs in the Classroom?" I agree with Travis that technology does belong in the classroom because it will help save money being spent on books, paper and expensive copier machine as stated. The iSchool which Travis spoke of will replace the books, paper, and etc. and save the schools at least $600 per student. Furthermore, the iSchool will only cost $150 per student, this technology will definitely help save money as well as the environment.What if this idea does not work? There should be another idea in motion just in case this idea does not work.However,this is an excellent idea to help save our environment and enrich the learning ability of our youth. The world is forever changing and technology is taking over.
ZeitgeistYoungMind's Entry by Travis Allen
This video is about Travis whom is 20 years of age and 25 other students traveling around the country embracing mobile learning. This is a great idea by Travis taking technology around the globe and empowering people about technology. I agree with the message Travis stated "If we are going to thrive any information we must rethink,retool, and rebuild our education institution to better prepare our youth for the digital world they were born into". This must be implemented in the schools in order to move forward in the 21st century.

Eric Whitacre's Vitual Choir Jennifer Chamber's post

This is an amazing video to watch the 185 people singing the 'Lux Aurumque' via Skype.
It is amazing what can be done with the use of the internet. The video sounded so clear as if they were in the room together but they are all strangers. The choir consisted of sopranos,altos,tenors and bass all of whom were in sync in singing. This video shows what can be done with the use of the internet with the different techniques. The Virtual choir was amazing to watch.This is definitely a creative job with the use of the internet by Mr. Whitacre.

Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts

Mr.Roberts video was an eye opener in the direction which the world is headed as it refer to technology.Mr. Roberts stated that teachers role is obsolete because students have access to the social networking, cell phones,and iPods. Teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge ,they are just filters. I agree with Mr. Roberts that teachers must be technology literate in the 21st century by rethinking the tools that he/she ask the students to solve because what worked 20 years ago does not work in this age of technology. Teachers must be technology literate and be able to implement his/her knowledge to the students in the classroom to where the students will be productive in the classroom as well as out of the classroom.
In addition, students do not need to be entertained, they need to be engaged as stated by Mr. Roberts. I agree with a statement that Mr. Roberts stated that entertainment is for short lived and engagement has long term result for the students.Teachers are to provide meaningful and powerful engagement. As an educator if the knowledge is not obtained in preparing myself with the resource which is given it will be detrimental to the students. As a teacher in the 21st century I have to implement the use of technology in the classroom because technology will give students better opportunities in his/her life.

My Time Line

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project #6 My Sentence Video

Blog Post # 4

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog

This is an excellent video by the third graders on "All Roads Lead to Rome." The students were so professional as if they have been doing podcasting for a long time. I was excited about how they chimed in one after another doing his/her part. The students showed enthusiasm/action in his/her voice in telling the history of Rome. This is a learning/fun experience in which the students as well as the teachers can enjoy in the classrooms. Great job by the Eagle Nest third graders. Learning can be fun!


Excellent video to watch the students having fun while learning. This is a great idea when the teacher will have the students read a book and then the students would be placed in small groups and be recorded for the script.The students were so excited to hear his/her voice being recorded. In addition, great idea of the booklets being available to where the students were able to follow along while listening to the podcast.
Furthermore; students at this age (first graders) are so thrill just to hear his/her voice on a recording brings so much joy to the child. This resource is sure to have the students attentive in the classrooms.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

A great video which tells about the benefits of podcasting. Mr. Dale stated that podcasting is an effective way to interact with the students outside the classroom anytime and anywhere. A example was given, such as a student was sick and was not able to attend class for fear of spreading the illness. Podcasting allowed the student to access the lecture on line and stay on task with the class without getting behind. Great idea!
In addition, parents will also be able to access on line to observe what the students are learning in the classroom. This is a great resource for schools in which the parents and students are learning.
Mr. Dale also stated that podcasting allows differentiation in the classrooms in which students can learn something and be able to put into action by podcasting. This is a great resource for all ages in classrooms.
The benefits of podcasting in the classroom by Mr. Dale was very informative. The knowledge I've obtained from this video of podcasting will be implemented in my classroom. Awesome technology.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

C4T #1

I commented on Lee Kolbert post" An Open Letter To My Students' Parents" stating that it is a great idea what she is doing getting the parents involved with  the child's education by having a blog for the parents to view the students classwork along with homework. I asked are there more parents involvement since implementing this blog?

Lee Kolbert lives in Boca Raton, FL, she is currently district manager of the Department of Educational Technology. Ms. Kolbert have been an educator in Palm Beach County, FL for over 25 years. What inspired Ms. Lee to write the open letter to parents was that some of the students will never complete their homework. Students will sometimes state they did not have homework when they did. The parents will never check, they would just go by what the students will tell them. This blog that Ms. Lee came up with will help keep students on target with homework, it will also keep the parents up to date. This particular blog help the parents see what the child is progressing. Ms. Lee have two blogs one for the student and one for the parents. Ms. Lee is  trying to get more parents involve in their child's learning.This is a great learning tool for the parents as well as the students. Great idea.

Blog # 3

It's Not About the Technology by Kelly Hines


The post by Mrs. Hines was a knowledgeable post. I agree with Mrs.Hines stating that teachers must be learners also. Teachers must have the knowledge of the materials that they will teaching so it will be effective for the students.If a teacher is teaching and have no knowledge of the material, students will not be eager to learn. When I was in school, some teachers did not have the knowledge of the materials and the students was not attentive in class.Teachers have to be self-motivated in their pursuit of understanding as stated.
Therefore, a teacher must know that learning and teaching are not the same. A teacher can teach something over and over and some students will not learn. One reason for this some students does not learn the same. This will be a learning technique for the teacher as well as the students. Teachers must make sure their techniques are effective for students to learn.
The world is becoming technology dependent,therefore technology will not be beneficial without good teaching. In order,for teachers to be equipped in the 21st century they have to be learners just like the students. Once this goal is accomplish then teachers well as students will be able to focus on technology more. Great post by Mrs. Hines

Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher? by Karl Fisch

The post by Mr.Fisch was a eye opener. The reason I stated this is because the world is becoming technology dependent. If a teacher has been teaching for 25 or more years they need to gain knowledge in order to become literate when it comes to technology. A teacher will become literate in technology by going to workshops which offers this learning experience or they can go to school.This resource will give the teachers as well as the students the knowledge of technology.
In addition, on reading the post I must agree with Mr. Fisch about when a teacher has a student who is struggling in a particular subject such as Math and the parent would say "I was never any good at Math either." I hear this all the time. This is giving the student the initiative not to try and improve. This should not be an option for the student. This is the time when parents need to encourage the child to try harder even if they have to be tutored.
However; if a teacher  is not willing to learned the new technology, that is the teacher as well  as the students problem. Teachers and students have to be eager to learn when it comes to technology. The teacher and students are a team, they must learn together. Great post by Karl Fisch.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

The social media count was amazing to watch as the seconds was ever changing. The media have interesting facts such as Facebook with 30 billion pieces of content being shared each month and YouTube has over 3 billion video viewed. This information is very informative that teachers can used to share with their students. This resource will let students know how fast the social media is changing every second.
Furthermore; with this type of resource as a teacher this will be a valuable tool to share with my students. This resource will benefit myself as well as the students in learning  together how things are changing so rapidly. The world need to catch up or it will be left behind, with these rapid changes that is happening.Great resource.

A Vision of Students Today by Michael Wesch

This presentation is a sad presentation about a vision of students today.It will make you ask the question "If this is happening with students of today,what is about our students of tomorrow?" Will the student be more involved with what is happening around the world or just continue to focus on social networking? Viewing this video made me think more logically about what the students are really thinking about. In this presentation there were empty desks and not one student can be found. Students are not interesting in school like they were 25 years ago because there were no technology they could get a hold to like now.
Also, the presentation showed how much time was spent on Facebook, cellphones,and computers and this energy of the students was not being used when it comes to school. There was less time spent on school than the social networking of the students. This make you ask the question "Where have the priorities of the student have gone? The students need to get their priorities together or the teacher time spent teaching will be invalid.
Therefore, this presentation will make you put on a thinking cap for sure. What can be done to get the students more involved in school like they are with social networking? I must agree that technology can save us if the students are willing to learn it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blog #2

Did You Know? by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod

This presentation showed how far the United States is behind when it comes to other countries such as China and India.It also stated China is so advance they will soon be the #1 English speaking in the world. What does this mean about the United States learning foreign language? Some schools are making it a requirement before graduation and other schools in the United States just making it as an elective.If the U.S is going to be competitive, another language needs to be a requirement.
Furthermore; it states that 25% of India's population with the highest IQ's is greater than the total population of the U.S. and India has more honor kids than America has kids.
What does this say about the U.S.? What the U.S. needs to do is to prepare our kids to be competitive with other countries that are far more advance than the United States instead of behind. In order to do this the U.S. must prepare our kids of the future with the necessary technology to be competitive with other kids such as kids in China. Sources are needed for this particular task which the U.S. is lacking in providing all the tools that is needed for greatness.

Mr.Winkle Wakes by Matthew Needleman

This video showed how Mr. Winkle was asleep for 100 years and when he was awaken he notice how the world have changed. Mr. Winkle went to the hospital and notice how computers and fax machines and monitors are being used. Mr. Winkle also notice how a machine was keeping a patient alive in the hospital.Also, Mr.Winkle made visits to schools and notice that students are still learning things as they did 100 years ago.
In addition, some things never changed but as time goes on technology is sure changing every minute. The world is becoming so dependent on technology. Technology makes life a little easier for individuals who are willing to adapt to change,if not it can be very difficult for those individuals who does not what change.

Cecelia Gault(Young Student in Finland) Interviews by Sir Ken Robinson

Cecelia did a wonderful interview with Mr. Robinson. During the interview Mr. Robinson stated that we need more technology in the classrooms.This statement is true because many of the schools are lacking the resources in order for the classrooms to be equipped with technology because lack of funds. Since the world is becoming more dependent on technology schools are teaching kids at an earlier age such as 3. This is a great idea preparing the kids for the future dealing with technology.This was great work by Cecelia Gault.

Vicki Davis:Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

This presentation by Ms. Vicki Davis is a wonderful idea she brought to the classroom. Ms. Davis class is in a rural town of Camilla, Georgia with no technology in this town. However; Ms. Vicki thought of this wonderful idea of bringing technology to the classroom by implementing ways the kids can communicate with kids outside the United States. The kids were so excited about this new idea, they were eager to learn this new technology. Some of the new technology which was introduce to the class was use of cell phones and the webcam, in which the kids was able to communicate around the world.
In addition, to this learning technology of digital smarts the kids are able to teach their parents. One student was able to teach her mother the use of a cell phone, this sound too familiar. This is a great idea of digital smarts for the students as well as the parents.Hats off to Ms. Vicki Davis on thinking outside the classroom.

The Importance of Creativity
,by Sir Ken Robinson

This presentation was very interesting it stated about the killing of creativeness of our children in schools. I can agree with this because when I was in school we did not have the opportunity about creativity. There is so much a child can offer if given the chance. Mr. Robinson also stated that kids need to focus more on important subjects such as Math,English,and Science. This may be true for some students however; some students are not gifted in those subjects. Also stated was Art is at the bottom of the curriculum of schools which is true. I had a pleasure of meeting a student who did well in the required subjects;however their creativity was in Art. Today this student is a excellent Artist. Art should not be at the bottom, some kids are very creative in Art. The required subjects such as Math,and etc. are great to have however; some students will not be using the skills of Math in their profession. Kids are unique individuals with his/her own creativeness, let them explore their creativeness. Mr. Robinson also stated that we grow out of creativity rather than into it, which I think is not true because some kids are late bloomers when it comes to creativity.
Furthermore; let kids make mistakes that is the only way they will learn from their mistakes. Some kids will learn and some will not learn from their mistakes. Making mistakes is part of
life until we get it right.Some kids when a mistake is made they give up, giving up should not be an option.

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Eunice Jones's EDM 310class blog

 Comments on Randy Pausch Time Management

    Dr. Randy Pausch an American professor of Computer Science, was born 10/23/60 in Baltimore,MD as Randolph Frederick Pausch. Dr. Pausch was  assistant and associate professor in the Dept of Computer Science at the University of Virginia's School of Engineering and Applied Science from 1988 until 1997. In 1997, Dr. Pausch became Associate professor of  Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Design, at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Pausch died 07/25/08 from pancreatic cancer in Chesapeake,VA.
 Dr. Pausch Time Management was very rewarding. I never viewed my time being manage the way he pointed it out. Setting goals, stop wasting time which I know I have not used wisely, and how to deal with stress. Majority of the time we do not know that we are experiencing stress until it is almost fatal to us. If we just start mapping out our goals, we would have a less stressful life. Furthermore;we need to start setting goals and setting our priorities in order as stated and we should see improvements in our every day life for success.
  Another point that Dr.Pausch pointed out was experience comes with time and if one mess up early they will do better later in life. Plan to fail-nothing will  hurt a failure but a try!  At first if one does not succeed , keep trying and if one does succeed, continue to be successful!
   I will take these points to heart for time management and use them to have a successful semester at USA.

Eunice Jones's EDM 310class blog

Hello my name is Eunice,
   I've recently moved to Mobile,AL from Moss Point, MS. I'm attending USA  to complete my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. My passion is the children. The children are the reason I'm pursuing my career in teaching. I feel if I can reach one child during my teaching and the child becomes a productive adult, my goal has been met.
   I'm a divorce mother of two, James and Jasmine and two grandchildren. My daughter Jasmine is currently attending USA also. My interests are God, spending time with my family, football, baseball, basketball and shopping.